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Maths MLV
Updated: 8/30/2020
Maths MLV
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  • prepared just nervous
  • Great idea sure
  • Prepared Still nervous?......hey how about you and i ask each other questions related to the chapter maybe it will help you
  • hey!....Are you prepared for the practical geometry test today
  • It is a branch of mathematics that deals with drawing of lines, angles and shapes accurately. These drawings of geometric figures to their exact measurements are known as Constructions.
  • Great Answer.......your turn ask me a question
  • What is practical geometry?
  • What is a quadrilateral? Explain briefly
  • Good job
  • A quadrilateral is a closed four sided figure Which has 10 elements (4 sides,4 angles, 2 diagonals) or measurements.
  • What are various combinations of elements for constructing a unique quadrilateral?
  • Great job
  • Four sides and a diagonal, Three sides and a diagonal, Four sides and an angle, Three sides and two included angles, Two adjacent sides and three angles.
  • That's easy....360 degrees
  • What is the sum of all the interior angles of a quadrilateral?
  • Good job
  • Look there's nothing to be nervous about you know everything
  • GOOD LUCK!!!
  • The test starts in 2 mins
  • Thanks for helping i feel way more confident
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