Faris - the lucky dinosaurs

Updated: 3/26/2021
Faris - the lucky dinosaurs

Storyboard Text

  • 1. The city
  • Finally we got away from that boring jungle. The city is better and has more food.
  • Yeah, I like the city more.
  • 2. The city (thunderstorm)
  • Watch out! It's a thunderstorm!
  • Let's get out of the city! It's dangerous here!
  • 3. In the jungle
  • The jungle might have less food, but at least it is safe.
  • Yeah, the city was horrible. We almost died.
  • The two dinosaurs go visit the city and talk about how it's better than the jungle.
  • 4. In the jungle (volcano)
  • Lightning starts to come down and the dinosaurs get out of the city because it's dangerous.
  • 5. Looking for shelter
  • The two dinosaurs reach the jungle and talk about how it's safer than the city.
  • 6. Inside the hut
  • The volcano starts to erupt and the two dinosaurs start to run away and look for shelter.
  • Oh no! The volcano is erupting!
  • Quick, let's go! If we don't leave now we will all be extinct!
  • The two dinosaurs run away from the volcano until they find a small hut.
  • Come on, let's get inside this abandoned hut! It's safe in there!
  • Let's go in there now!
  • The two dinosaurs hide inside the hut. All the other dinosaurs are dead except for the two dinosaurs.
  • We will stay here until it's safe to go outside.
  • No, I think we should stay in here because by the time it's safe outside, all the other dinosaurs will be dead.