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Updated: 2/20/2019
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  • Good morning Farishta! I was wondering about what kind of career you are interested in since you have 2 more years of high school.
  • Well I have a few options as to what I wanna be so let me narrow them down for you.
  • My mom always gets curious as to what I want to pursue in the future. She wants me to succeed. 
  • My top intelligence I got when doing the survey was Intrapersonal. I think I got that as my first intelligence because I communicate with others very well. For example during presentations I have a loud and clear voice . I am also independent and very curious which also explains why my top intelligence being Intrapersonal.
  • My second intelligence is Musical. I think I got musical as my second option because growing up I always loved singing and performing in school concerts such as the black history month assembly. I really enjoyed it as I love listening to music. Till this day singing is one talent that I am very proud of.
  • Anfd those are the jobs that I have narrowed it down to. My multiple intelligence has helped me shape what I wanna be in the future
  • My third intelligence is bodily/ kinaesthetic. I think one reason as to why I got that as my third option is because I like the outdoors more than the indoors. For example, I love going camping with my family every year because it helps keep us connected. Also I work put on my own at home and when I was younger, I used to do cross country, soccer and flag football.
  • 5 suitable occupations fro can be: Number 1, becoming a phycologist. Since I like communicating with people, especially if for example my friends need help I am there with advice. Number 2, is becoming a therapist. A therapist is similar to a phycologist so communication. Number 2, a singer. Im not too confident with becoming a singer since I don't like a lot of attention on me. Number 4, is a Mechanic since it is a really hands on job. I learn best with exploring and doing experiments so mechanic is really great option. Finally for my last occupation I chose becoming a guidance consoler because I love helping people and guiding people.
  • Conversations with my mom really makes me think about my future. These multiple intelligences have narrowed down the occupations I am best for. All the jobs I have listed are defiantly careers I can possibly pursue.
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