road to revolution story board 2
Updated: 11/30/2020
road to revolution story board 2

Storyboard Text

  • FIRE!!!!
  • we need to show them we will not stand for there taxing
  • throw it over!!!!
  • No Taxation without Representation!!!
  • on behalf of the King "i Have issued a new set of laws that from now on will limit your government and social ability as punishment of your behavior in boston"
  • This Is Outrageous
  • first the taxes and now with these intolerable acts
  • The Boston massacre was an event that occured after british troops fired unarmed protesters. THe colonist were protesting against the soldiers occupancy in their Homes. the british soldiers were not happy about this protest leading to numerous men being killed unfairly
  • so its decided the best and safest option is to send a letter explaining our hard ships and complaints
  • He is our king and we must respect his laws.
  • We need to fight for our Freedom!
  • after the boston massacre the americans were outraged when they started to tax some goods including tea, this lead to the sons of liberty dumped 90,00 pounds of te over the boston harbor as a act of protest.
  • i agree we need to fight the King has left us no other option
  • we need to Come together, Unite, and fight for our independence.
  • the Coercive acts or better known as the intolerable acts were put in place to punish the actions of the colonist involved with the boston tea party. These acts included closing the boston Harbour (limiting trade and recourses) and not allowing town meetings.
  • You Will Never win against us!!!
  • we will fight for our independence!!!
  • The continental congress was a group of representatives from almost every colony that met to decide the countries next actions about their independence. the congress ultimately decided that the best way to go was to send a letter to the king explains all of the concerns nd unfair treatment they have went through.
  • we need to stay neutral and only fight is necessary!
  • The Continental congress was reissued a second time to discuss the "new England Army" and make decisions on the War. The congress kept the same location as they met in philly.
  • after the continental congress decided about taking action the first official battle was lexington and concord. this battle officially signaled to the king with their "blows" that America was willing to fight for their independence. Although the british won this battle it was only the first of many.