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Haikyuu!! Quiz - D.T
Updated: 5/21/2020
Haikyuu!! Quiz - D.T
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Storyboard Text

  • You will start in a volleyball court, your goal is to go to nationals your character (Hinata) will ask you 2 questions about the anime 'Haikyuu!!' as this is a Haikyuu!! quiz. If you get it right you gain points and move to the next level. If you get it wrong you don't get points but do move on
  • You then move to the next level where another character asks you another 3 questions. If you get it right a trumpet sound effect plays and you gain points, if you get it wrong he says "you were wrong!". If you get 2 questions right you pass
  • You suddenly get chased by a ghost! You run away with the previous characters before you finally make it to safety, where you meet a person protecting a door. He says you can only go through if you answer his question correct.
  • If you answer correctly you go in and get points, if you do not you climb up a ladder and break in but lose 2 points. You find another door which has a 5 code.
  • You get a number after answering a question correct. Everytime you get a question wrong, you lose points. After getting the 5 digit code the door opens.
  • Hooray! you win. Many characters come to celebrate. Congradulations, You made it to nationals!!!
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