Of mice and men
Updated: 3/16/2021
Of mice and men

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  • chapter 1
  • We are going to have a farm with land and rabbits.
  • Tell about the dream George.
  • chapter 2
  • You can have those 2 beds over there he said indicating the two by the stove.
  • chapter 3
  • Let the old dog go that is what is best for him he is suffuring.
  • OK I will do what is best for him
  • What if George never comes back for you?
  • In this scene, George and Lennie rest by the river before going to the ranch they eat beans and talk about the dream that they have. George tells Lennie to remember this place.
  • chapter 4
  • He will he is not like that.
  • How about that dream Lennie .
  • What happened to curlys hand Lennie i know he did not get it caught in a machine.
  • George and Lennie just got to the ranch and they were telling what the bunkhouse was like. they got to the ranch late and everyone was already thinking bad about them.
  • chapter 5
  • Wake up please I didn't mean to do that now George wont let me tend the rabbits
  • Carlson was pressuring candy to let him shoot his dog because it was old and stunk and the dog could barely walk right. then candy agreed to let him do it so he did. he took him outside and shot him in the back of the head.
  • chapter 6
  • George I really messed up
  • I know you you did
  • At this time it was night and crooks was sitting in his barn and then came Lennie right at the doorway. crooks keep teasing Lennie about George not coming back for him. after that candy came into the barn and Lennie and him were talking about the dream. then lastly came curlys wife because she was lonely.
  • This is the scene where Lennie killed the puppy and then curlys wife came into the barn and was like what is that covered up, it is a puppy. then she and Lennie started talking about stuff and he was feeling her hair and she told him that is enough and he froze and wouldn't get off of her hair then he snapped her neck not on pursue and killed her.
  • ...
  • ...
  • This is the chapter where everyone finds out about what Lennie did to curlys wife and now they want to kill him but George gets to him first and does it.