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Updated: 9/17/2018
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  • Yen-Shen asked the bones for nice clothes and shoes for the festival and her rags turned into a nice dress and these pretty golden shoes. The bones told her not to lose them. 
  • Yen-Shen do not lose these shoes because they will help you find a husband and they are very special.
  • Stepsister- Doesn't she remind you of Yen-Shen
  • All- Wow look at that girl over there she is beautiful!!
  • After Yen-Shen heard her stepsister she ran in the mountain side. While she was running one of her golden shoes came off and her nice clothes turned back into rags. 
  • The one thing I told her not to do and she does it wow!!!!
  • I come to return the shoe that I have but I lost the other one I am truly sorry.
  • A villager found the lost shoe and sold it to a merchant and the merchant presented it to the king. The king wanted to know who the shoe belonged to so he went on a big search to find his queen.
  • This shoe is so pretty and it must have a pretty lady that it belongs to.
  • The king was looking and looking and came up to Yen-Shen's doorstep. The king was amazed at Yen-Shen's features so he put the shoe on her and the shoe fit her!!!!! All the rags she had on were replaced with a nice gown.
  • Yen-Shen and the king were married and lived in a cave. But one day they were cursed to death by a storm of flying stones. THE END
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