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Updated: 1/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • scene 7
  • scene 8
  • scene 9
  • Judson’s attention is immediately drawn to a living room on his right, where the shadows of flames from the fireplace dance wickedly off the horrified look on his face. He just stares into it -- almost unable tocomprehend what he’s seeing. Wood crackles.
  • scene 10
  • As he gets closer and closer to the fireplace, the orange of the fire gets brighter on his face, the crackling louder.
  • scene 11
  • He stops before the hearth, then looks to his feet, where a pair of long, narrow knitting needles lie on the wood floor in a puddle of blood. He’s emotionally devastated.
  • scene 12
  • His peripheral vision picks up on something outsidemoving quickly past a window.
  • Judson leaps off the porch and dashes by the ranchhand who’s reigning in the horses that seem spooked. He picks up speed as he moves around the side of the house, where he sees a woman in a long grey dress, bare feet and lengthy jet black hair, dashing into the barn and closing the door behind her.
  • Judson gets to the barn -- tries to open the door, but it won’t budge. He viciously pulls on the handle over and over, testing the lock and hinges -- then finally throws his shoulder into it, breaking it open.
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