Tourist Attractions
Updated: 1/5/2021
Tourist Attractions

Storyboard Text

  • Finally the holiday has arrived, I'm so excited! Where are you going to spend your holiday?
  • Interesting! I want to go to the Red Island beach to see the sunset
  • What a great idea! Ok see you
  • I think I want to go to Lider waterfall tomorrow. How about you?
  • Wow that must be fun! How about tomorrow we go both places? So in the morning we go to Lider waterfall and in the afternoon we go to the Red Island beach?
  • Haha,how passionate you are!
  • Are you ready to go?
  • Sure! I really can't wait to get there. Come on
  • Yes, I'm ready
  • How long will we arrive at Lider waterfall?
  • No, I've never been there. That's why I wanted to arrive soon
  • Calm down the length of the trip will pay off when you get there
  • About 30 minutes, haven't you been there before?
  • Wow Lider waterfall is so beautiful! Many trees surrounding make the air cool, the water is clear and the waterfall is so amazing
  • Yes,that's right. This is indeed a suitable place for a holiday. Ok, enjoy! After this we will go to the Red Island beach
  • Indeed,the panorama is amazing when the sunsets
  • Yes! Moreover, the waves are very calm and the sea water is bluish, making this beach very exotic. What a perfect view!
  • Enchanting! Red Island beach is truly beautiful when the sunsets
  • Ok! I'm ready for the next trip
  • Yes! This is a very wonderful day. The lider waterfall is so beautiful and the sunset on the Red Island beach spoils the eyes. How happy I am today
  • How was today? Is it fun?
  • Yes, I'm also really happy and enjoying today. What if we go to other tourist attractions next?
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