Katherine Johnson
Updated: 3/18/2021
Katherine Johnson

Storyboard Text

  • Baby Katherine is born.
  • 1918
  • 1940
  • 2085
  • 2005
  • Dear people, We would like to make an announcment
  • owww so cool, I want to do this!
  • We want you to invent a way of reaching mars. The one who come up with the best idea will be awarded.
  • 684[(84-79)*(5298x+585)6571-24
  • x+53-546-521*455
  • x56-362-45
  • (865x:75y56-64
  • 58
  • What do you have to tell us.
  • My lord, I came here to tell you i found a solution to reach mars.
  • Okey, we will test your theorie and let you know if it's correct.
  • Omg i found the solution.
  • Congratulations your theorie is correct.
  • YES
  • The day after...
  • 545547X5+KF-5469Y(BHSC°
  • Ladies and gentelmens, i introduce you the only and real katherine johnson. the person who find a way to go to mars.