Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Night soil man please come
  • Aye, sorry lad but there ain't enough farmers to buy your night soil. so i'm quitting.
  • Then leave!
  • we must clean the thames before a new wave of death hits the city!
  • YES!
  • To bad that we are not conected to the sewers yet.
  • More people left farms for factories, so there was no one to buy poop.
  • To dispose of the poop people dumped it in the river Thames, and then they drank the Thames and then they drank the water and that gave them Cholera, they thought that the smelly air transmitted the disease.
  • As a solution to the poop problem the city of london built sewers that ran alongside the Thames instead of into them. One final cholera epidemic hit a neighborhood that was not connected to the sewers, this helped people realize that the water not miasma made people sick.