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Gilgamesh and Enkidu
Updated: 10/24/2020
Gilgamesh and Enkidu
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Storyboard Text

  • Building of the wall
  • Get to work people!!
  • Prayers to the Sun Gods
  • Please help!
  • Save us from Gilgamesh!
  • Creation of Enkidu
  • "Gilgamesh ordered a great wall to be built around the city. He ordered the men to leave their jobs and families to work on it."
  • Shamhat meets Enkidu
  • I love you
  • "The people cried out for mercy, begging Gilgamesh to stop but he would not listen. In despair, they prayed to the Sun God for help."
  • Gilgamesh fights Enkidu
  • Come here and fight me!
  • "The Sun God heard their prayers and ordered the creation of another man as strong as Gilgamesh."
  • Enkidu and Gilgamesh become friends
  • Thank you for saving my life. We will be brothers forever.
  • "Shamhat taught him to speak and to sing and she fell in love with him."
  • "I am master of this city and it's people! No one enters without my permission! I dare you to come up here and fight me!"
  • "Gilgamesh opened his arms and embraced him. He was no longer alone, he had found a friend."
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