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Updated: 11/6/2020
Rweagans Storyboard

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  • Allie I Am So Excited For 4th Grade
  • Me To I Am Ready To See Our New Teacher
  • Girls Don't Forget Your Masks.
  • Let's Go In And Start 4th Grade
  • Yeah I'm So Excited
  • Allie And Peyton Are Eating Breakfast getting ready to go to their first day of 4th grade
  • Hey Class Welcome To 4th Grade I am Mrs. Paula
  • Good Morning Mrs. Paula
  • Allie and Peyton are getting on the bus which will take them to school
  • Allie What Class Do You Have Next I have Math
  • Me Too
  • Allie And Peyton are getting ready to walk into the school to meet their new teacher
  • Hey Mom We Had A Great Day
  • That's Great Let's Go Get Some Ice Cream
  • Allie and Peyton are in their classroom getting ready to start class
  • Allie and Peyton are at their lockers getting their math notebook for math
  • Allie and Peyton's mom is at the school to pick them up so they can go get ice cream