World Fair Project
Updated: 6/2/2020
World Fair Project

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  • World Fair Project for Oceania!By: Kirby
  • Fishing has been a large part of Australian life since it was founded in 1788. In Australia more than 3.4 million Australiansparticipate in Recreational fishing. Fishing is a very important part of life and a great activity for many Australians.
  • Overfishing has heavily affected Australia's beautiful coral reefs and wildlife. Illegal fishing does the same thing. Australia is trying to stop both of these problems but it has already affected the coral reefs to a point that it will take years of no disturbance to restore.
  • There isn't really any one particular important person involved. But in general, many fishermen use illegal techniques to fish and overfish.
  • Australia's government is working very hard to stop overfishing and illegal fishing in Australia. They are creating more marine protected areas, implanting worldwide catch shares, and spreading the word to everyone.
  • One lasting impact of these problems is the damage that has been done to the coral reefs. It is very sad and will take years to recover. The food chain imbalance is also another lasting impact of these issues. One more lasting impact is a lack of tourism. They are not seeing it yet, but a large part of tourism in Australia involves fishing or diving in coral reefs. So if these problems continue, there could be a large drop of tourism in Australia.