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The Glass Menagerie
Updated: 2/4/2020
The Glass  Menagerie
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  • Scene 1-Amanda is nagging Tom for the way he eats. She annoys Tom and continues on about her gentleman callers
  • Scene 2- Amanda finds out that Laura has not been attending business school. Amanda talks to Laura about how she isn't benefiting the family and begins to support her idea of a gentleman caller.
  • Scene 3- Tom is about to leave the house during a fight with his mother to go to the movies. Amanda doesn't believe him and she attempts to get him to tell her the truth. Tom sarcastically says he is a criminal and in anger, throws his jacket, smashing some of Laura's gllass menagerie. This causes Laura to cry out.
  • Scene 4-After sparking her idea of a gentleman caller, Amanda berates Tom to find a caller for Laura. Amanda has it set in her mind that Laura won't do anything with her life, so the solution is to find a husband for her. Tom unwillingly agrees after her constant nagging.
  • Scene 5-Tom finally comes home one day bearing news for Amanda. He has found a gentleman caller for Laura. It turns out that he is an old friend of Laura's from high school. Amanda is ecstatic and has to prepare for tomorrow.
  • Scenes 6-7- The day has come for Laura's gentleman caller. Nervously, forced by her mother, Laura opens the door for Jim and runs to play the Victrola.
  • They awkwardly have dinner as Laura is nauseous . Jim later dances with Laura, breaks a piece of her favorite glass unicorn, and kisses her, only to find out he is engaged. This breaks Laura's heart , ending the hopes of a husband for Laura.
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