carbon dioxide- Christianna Cruz

Updated: 2/9/2021
carbon dioxide- Christianna Cruz

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  • How did I get here? last thing I remember is my asthma was starting to act up.
  • we are going to have to take you in for some testing
  • did you figure out what was wrong with me?
  • it says that you have what is called hypercapnia. It is a condition where your bloodstream intakes too much carbon dioxide.
  • Hypercapnia
  • how did this happen?
  • when you are around too much carbon dioxide this could happen. Were you burning resources? or maybe you were around water vapor.
  • in fact these are causes of global warming. maybe you were around car gasses? One of the main causes of global warming. lucky we have plants that soak up some of the overloaded carbon dioxide.
  • how can I avoid this from happening again?
  • sometimes carbon dioxide dissolves into the ocean (stay away from the ocean) In some bodies of water, there are marine plants that help with this. You still need to be cautious around the ocean.
  • thank you for all of your help today.
  • Of course. Now you know a lot more about carbon dioxide.