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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Did anyone think to bring food? I'm famished!
  • It's so damp!!
  • We shouldn't have brought Pippa along. All she does is complain.
  • We must make a toast to our new club! Everybody take a drink from the whiskey Gemma stole!
  • I shouldn't have stolen it...
  • A few drinks later...
  • We should have a club name!!!
  • We should call ourselves the Order!
  • The Order Reborn!
  • That's a perfect name Gemma!
  • The Order Reborn!
  • The Order Reborn!
  • The Order Reborn!
  • My head is pounding...
  • We should not have drank so much last night.
  • This scene is important because it is when the girls get together in the cave for the first time. They form a bond and create their group called "The Order." The bonding that took place on this night is critical to the story because once they are friends, they begin to enter the realms together. They would never have been able to do this if they hadn't bonded on that night.