Why you shouldn't drink near ur computer -_-

Updated: 10/25/2021
Why you shouldn't drink near ur computer -_-

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  • Tip #1
  • Remember kids you cannot drink it near your computer because you might spill the water on it. and Remember to keep your computer on a flat surface
  • Im gonna go get some water to drink im really thirsty.
  • Tip #2
  • And don't forget never keep piles of anything on top of your computer!
  • Tip #3
  • Now Im not thirsty anymore and i have a less chance of my computer breaking. But im also hungry. I will go eat
  • Tip #4
  • Let me tell some tips that will give you a less chance of breaking your computer. Keep Food and drinks away from it, don't want your food to mess it up.
  • Tip #5
  • Also Be careful of how you carry it you DEFINETLY Don't wanna drop it
  • Tip #6
  • before you leave make sure to always keep you computer charged imagine having a empty computer with no battery.