Math Class
Updated: 6/10/2020
Math Class

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  • We argue over how many points one team has. I say that its less than 5, but someone else says that it is definitely more than 1 though. 
  • This is settled in a number game, where the person has to guess what number one is thinking. He will give a hint. The person who gives the hint says, “The number that I am thinking off is greater than 1, but less than 10.”
  • When the number game finishes, another basketball game occurs. Now, we are arguing over how many points I made. I argue, “I clearly had over 10 points!” My friends disagree, and argue back, “Don’t be silly, you definitely had less than 5.”
  • Now, we are taking a break. We vote on who has to go to the store to get drinks, but the votes are jumbled! We have to figure out who voted who, and how many drinks each person voted for. I pipe up, “I’m sure I was voted less than once.” Again, my friends argue. “We voted you more than 5 times!”
  • We are back, and another couple games pass. Now, we are judging who won the most games. However, for some reason, we forget who won which games! We need to now piece it all back together! Me and my teammates said that we won around 2 times. The other team agrees, but said that we couldn’t have won more than 4.
  • In the end, We continue to argue. We are all jumping, and seeing who can jump the highest. We argue, and try to figure out a fair height based on everyone’s opinion. My friend jumps, and comes down. “Come on, that has to be at least 30 inches.” We all argue that it is less than 20.
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