Lyddie Conflicts
Updated: 1/12/2021
Lyddie Conflicts

Storyboard Text

  • Person Vs. Society
  • “‘Our crime has been to speak out for better working conditions’” (69).
  • Person Vs. Nature
  • “The thaw and spring rains had turned parts of the roadway into muddy sloughs, and despite the coachman’s skill, early on the last morning they were stuck fast” (49).
  • Person Vs. Self
  • “She could tell at a glance that it would be almost impossible for her to make out the meaning of such a paper… Factory girls were not supposed to be ignorant, it would seem” (60).
  • This is person vs society because Diana is going against the operators (society). The working conditions at the factories are very bad so Diana is speaking up for the workers.
  • This is person vs nature because Lyddie is going against the mud that was making the coach stuck and unable to move. Lyddie and the men eventually push the coach out of the mud.
  • This is person vs self because Lyddie is feeling conflicted. She is not able to read the regulations. She thinks that factory girls should be able to read it.
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