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Phishing - Social Media Exploit by Avril Vanseth R. Payangdo
Updated: 10/18/2020
Phishing - Social Media Exploit by Avril Vanseth R. Payangdo
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Author: Avril Vanseth R. Payangdo

Storyboard Text

  • 1
  • Oh! I got a new message from Lisa.
  • Photo_9166.svg
  • Lisa
  • Click!
  • Gonna check it out!
  • This must be a funny photo.
  • Hmm.. Let's see.
  • Add One?Add extension Cancel
  • You must install the codec extension to watch this video. Takes only 5 seconds.
  • Click Add extension
  • Click!
  • Add Ubo?Add extension Cancel
  • Oh! Its a link to Youtube? I thought its a picture? Cool!
  • Click!
  • I'll just add this two Chrome extension to watch it... And we're done!
  • Rose was scrolling through Facebook when she received a message from Lisa.
  • Huh? There's nothing! Is this a joke?
  • Rose received a photo from Lisa and thought it was a funny photo. She clicked it without asking what it is, and this is the problem Rose did.
  • These kids are so easy to fool.
  • I'm going to use Rose's account to send the message to her friends and family as I did to her friend, Lisa, and hack all of their accounts.
  • Rose was directed to Youtube and was confused but found it amusing since it's not a photo but a link. Chrome extension pop-up appeared, below the video, it says she needs to add the two extensions to watch the video. She added the extensions because she was curious about what the video was.
  • Teens nowadays are addicted to social media but don't know what they install and if it is safe. It leads to many hackers tricking them and stealing their personal informations.
  • The conflict started when Rose ignored and didn't delete the two Chrome extensions. It caused hackers to access her Facebook account and personal information.
  • Nevermind.
  • The two Chrome extensions are used to allow the malware a limited degree of self-propagation by exploiting the browsers access to your Facebook account to secretly message all your Facebook friends with the same SVG image file.
  • In conclusion, we should always be aware of what we install on our devices, especially personal devices. If we don't know what it is and where it came from, delete it immediately or research if it is safe or necessary on the device. Don't install everything you see is essential when it isn't.
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