Updated: 4/8/2021

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  • All of a sudden the cell phones stopped working as they were on a very dark bridge and my brother started tremble with fear.
  • Vanessa left school and got on the bus with her brother to go home.
  • Hello Sis
  • Hi
  •  Her brother was very nervously because he felt something and Vanessa preferred to call her dad since they were not the right streets to go home.
  • The parents began to reassure their children and to be in alarm by everything that happens, immediately their mother said that she was going to call the police to help them.
  • Hey dad, I think the bus got lost...
  • Oh no!!!
  • His father answered the call and asked why they weren't coming home if an hour had passed and his mother was panic for her children.
  • what's going on!
  • Hey sun, I can believe you. They should have arrived, we are in the house waiting for all of you
  •  I know, it's strange! GPS doesn't work and we're all scared...
  • I'm going to cry because I don't know what's happening help
  • We will call the police! What are the units like?
  • calm down .. did you see something backwards?I'm going to cry because I don't know what's happening help
  • In the end his children stopped answering the cell phone and only listened to DAD! with much fright and their parents never heard from their children again after that horrible day...
  • I don't know,and wait We are entering a cemetery!
  • FATHER!!, Answer to me!!!