Apollo and daphne
Updated: 2/13/2020
Apollo and daphne

Storyboard Text

  • Apollo and Daphne
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • The story of Apollo and Daphne
  • Climax
  • Apollo is full of himself after he won a fight with a python, so he thinks he is better at archery than cupid.Cupid is mad so he shoots Apollo with a love arrow and Daphne is shot with the lead arrow. The problem is that Apollo is now in love with Daphne but she isn't in love with him
  • Falling Action
  • Daphne doesn't want kids but her father wants grandchildren, Apollo is chasing after Daphne all over the woods trying to convince Daphne to fall in love with him.Apollo catches up to Daphne.Daphne is not having it and screams for her fathers help
  • Resolution
  • So her father turned her into a tree, when Apollo catches up with her he sees that now she is a tree
  • Apollo is very upset,he then declared Daphne as his sacred tree
  • He promises that his tree will always stay green and will never die and the tree bows its head with gratitude