Updated: 5/26/2020

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  • Adrenaline In Emergency Situations
  • Epinephrine
  • Adrenaline:In order to understand adrenaline's purpose in emergency situations we must first understand how adrenaline functions. Adrenaline is a hormone also known as Epinephrine, which is released into the bodies organs and blood vessels causing a certain response based on the situation.
  • When Adrenaline enters the blood stream it sends impulses that trigger blood vessels to contract. From there the blood is circulated towards larger muscle groups and organs, like the heart, lungs, quads, biceps, and brain. Therefore adrenaline enhances the bodies abilities because it sends all its efforts to a specific spot. This is also known as fight or flight in which the body overrides into emergency mode.
  • Reactions presented by Adrenaline
  • Bethany Hamilton, a true survivor of a shark attack.
  • Adrenaline allows the body to function faster, whether that is running, swimming, lifting, and so on. It also prevents pain and the brain functions at a higher rate.
  • Those things combined is what allows the girl to survive! Although she has been hurt by the shark, she still manages to swim quickly to the shore.
  • Other Situations include escaping from a building on fire about to explode or lifting a rock that weighs a ton. More specifically Kerri Strung and Olympic gold medalist for gymnastics, hurt her ankle while performing vault. She found out later that her ankle had been broken but due to the adrenaline Strung continued to compete. and ended up winning a Gold Medal.
  • In Situations Adrenaline is released without an urgent emergency can cause:Adrenaline can cause an increase in heart rateCause a person to become dizzy increased breathing rateheadachesvision problems
  • Adrenaline can change the state of the body in split seconds to balance the actions need to survive. Adrenaline can also be controlled by slowing your breath and thinking before doing. Adrenaline also allows the body in a way to protect itself despite injury or emergency. Due to these things Adrenaline is a extremely helpful tool the body produces and in some cases has even been used in hospitals as a form of medication.
  • Negative Affects of Adrenaline
  • Summary