Karina's story

Updated: 9/3/2021
Karina's story

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  • Karina looked very tired after the English lesson ended.
  • So she decide to go outside from home.
  • She meets her friend on the road
  • Hey Alya, you look so pretty today
  • Back at you karr, nice to see you in here
  • Unfortunately the sky turned cloudy.
  • Yes alya, Oh nooo the sky cloudy right now
  • You know that im feel tired at home
  • Aaa, I see, You bornout with your activity
  • Wait, kar, please look at the sky
  • It's raining too, they tried to run fast but Alya fell.
  • Never mind Kar, I know we are panic
  • Just a little accident. Okay let's go to my house
  • Alya, I'm so sorry, it was my fault
  • Are you really okay ?
  • I think you need short rest A,lI'm worry your leg could get injured.
  • Let's continue our conversation
  • Yes that's okay, Please don't look like this
  • Well, I think soo