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Updated: 4/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • We will never allow this!!
  • I love you Juliet!
  • SCENE 1
  • Are you trying to start a fight, sir?
  • Rosalie...
  • SCENE 2
  • Since you helped me your invited to the ball!
  • She's far too young, see her at the banquet.
  • There were respected families in Verona, but they were rivals, enemies. One of the families son and daughter fall in love, star crossed lovers who end up dead, ending the rivalry.
  • SCENE 3
  • Your of marrying age!!!
  • Gregory and Sampson bite their thumbs at other montague servents starting a fight which Tybalt and Benvolio try to break up without fighting. The prince comes and says that if that happens again they would all die. Benvolio asks Romeo who he loves and why he's so sad.
  • SCENE 4
  • I have a bed feeling about this, I had a dream...
  • Paris asks Capulet to marry his daughter, Juliet, but he says that she's too young and to win her heart at the ball.A Capulet servant asks Roeo and Benvolio to help him read a letter and then invites them to the ball, Benvolio and Romeo decide to go because Romeo wants to see Rosalie.
  • SCENE 5
  • Your holy shrine, here's the fine ill pay...
  • Lady Capulet and the nurse talk to Juliet about Paris's Marriage proposal, Juliet doesn't want to marry him but her mother tells her to see him at the ball. The nurse says how Juliet was just a baby and she was her breastfeeding nurse.
  • As Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio are about to enter the party Romeo says he has a bad feeling, that he had a dream and that they shouldn't go in. Mercutio, Romeo's other cousin tells him of queen Mab, a fairy who affects peoples dreams, that dreamers often lie.
  • Already in the ball Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio catch the attention of Tybalt but Capulet tells him to stand down. already forgetting Rosalie, Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight. Romeo and Juliet then meet, resulting in a kiss. They then realize that one of them is a Capulet and the other a Montague.