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Boston Massacre Argument
Updated: 10/4/2020
Boston Massacre Argument
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  • Hello, King George III. I am here from the colonies to argue about the Boston Massacre.
  • Well, that's a very odd and specific topic, especially considering my men did nothing incorrectly. Those rowdy colonists brought it upon themselves!
  • Your men killed those colonists, they weren't doing anything wrong! If anything, YOUR soldiers came over and ended our salutary neglect! Everything was better without the soldiers there!
  • Ha!...see that is funny because you are completely wrong! The colonists were hurling snowballs at my men. Wouldn't you say that is NOT civil disobedience? Why don't you go back home, you silly! Ha!
  • I'm going to skip away so maybe she'll leave!
  • Hey! The only reason those colonists were throwing snowballs was because the soldiers were poking the colonists with their bayonets! Wouldn't that justify self defense!
  • No, it would not! My soldiers were just enforcing the rules of the colony. Also, the colonists were arguing with the sentry that was posted outside the Customs House! They started it by arguing!
  • They might have been arguing, but the colonists weren't trying to steal your money! They would stop boycotting if Parliament listened to them. Hey, where are you fleeing to now?!
  • The only reason those colonists were there was to cause trouble! They should be happy that the British government is there to protect them in case of emergency! And I'm running away so that way you'll leave me alone! You are obviously mentally insane like everyone else in those colonies! Now, goodbye!
  • Hello? You should know I'm not leaving that easily! Still, no matter what you say, your soldiers killed those innocent colonists. No one there deserved to die because they were throwing snowballs!
  • No one said they were to die! Captain Preston said that he told his men to cease fire, not continue! Its was a mistake on the soldiers part, but nothing is to happen to them. Once more, it was the colonists who began it and cost those lives! Please, someone, could we get two chairs in here?!
  • No, Captain Preston was the one to shout, "Fire!" Whatever he claimed was a complete lie! He shouted fire, the colonists died, but I can see that I'm not persuading you at all! I suppose this was a waste of time, then! Good day, King George III!
  • Well, you are entirely right that you are not persuading! It is mostly because I am right! You colonists are so crazy, the British are trying to help you! Can you understand that? Thank you very much for leaving now! Just know no one here will ever consider your points! Goodbye!
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