Science webquest
Updated: 4/20/2020
Science webquest
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  • These scientists are making a plan to solve methane eating bacteria.They first need to figure out why heavy metals in soil toxic wastes. They soon found out that heavy metals are toxic to plants, Aquatic Life, soil, and human health if their concentration is high in the compost.
  • Their next question is why methane in Arctic ice and in the oceans is potentially a problem. After researching and figuring out the problem they discovered melting of this ice may release large quantities of methane in the atmosphere causing further warming in a strong positive feedback.
  • The scientists then went deep in the oceans and in the crawl spaces of swamps to find the methane eating bacteria or in other words the Methanotrophs that they were going to use to solve the problems in the environment.
  • The Bacteria can clean up toxic waste and air pollution
  • The first thing the scientists did with the bacteria is they cleaned up toxic waste and reduced air pollution. They did this by using Bioremediation. 
  • The next thing the Methanotrophs did, is they made a fuel that people can use. The fuel they made is methanol. Not only are they removing a harmful chemical from the atmosphere, they are also creating a fuel that can be used for automobiles, electricity, and more.
  • Bacteria=Methanol
  • Methanol= less greenhouse gases
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