The Devil and Tom Walker (Romanticism)
Updated: 3/15/2021
The Devil and Tom Walker (Romanticism)

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  • The Devil and Tom Walker
  • Francis Banzagale3/15/21English Language Arts IVMs. Suaad San Nicolas
  • Tom Walker wanders through the swamp and finds his wife's remains tied to her apron. He also notices handfuls of black hair on the ground, which indicates that a struggle between his wife and Old Scratch has occurred. Tom, who was more worried about his property than his wife, viewed Old Scratch killing his wife as an act of kindness and was thankful.
  • "Egad, Old Scratch must have had a tough time of it!"
  • Tom meets Old Scratch (the Devil) and talks to him about the conditions on which he was to have Captain Kidd's treasure.
  • Romanticism Element: Fascination with the supernatural * Old Scratch (the Devil) is the supernatural element here. Washington Irving uses the Devil to represent temptation. Old Scratch offered Tom buried treasure that he's unable to resist. I also believe that Irving wanted to tell readers to be strong so we won't give in to temptation.
  • * Irving emphasized the theme of greed in his story. He used Tom Walker as an example. Tom's desire for riches caused him to sell his soul to the Devil. Irving highlights a Faustian deal to tell readers that they should be careful about making a deal or else you will end up regretting what you agreed to. Irving also wanted to tell readers not to be blinded by greed so they will avoid facing a bad outcome like Tom.
  • Tom Walker agrees to sell his soul to Old Scratch to get the treasure.
  • Old Scratch wanted Tom to use the treasure under his service. Tom refused to become a slave trader and suggests that he becomes a usurer instead. He claims that he can open a broker's shop the next day.
  • "You shall open a broker's shop in Boston next month."
  • "I'll do it tomorrow, if you wish."
  • "You shall lend money at two percent a month."
  • "You are the usurer for my money! When will you want the rhino?
  • "You shall extort bonds, foreclose mortgages, drive the merchants to bankruptcy --"
  • Tom tells Old Scratch that he will charge his customers by 4 percent and that he'll drive them not only to bankruptcy, but to the devil himself. Old Scratch strikes a deal with Tom and gives him the treasure.
  • "Done!"
  • "I'll drive them to the d----l."
  • "Egad, I'll charge four!"
  • "This very night.
  • "Done!"