Unknown Story
Updated: 2/3/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The priest was the leader of the church and often refurred to as father.
  • Hi I'm the priest and I'm going to tell you how/what the church does to keep power and help people.
  • The church held power because they owned a lot of land and money.
  • The church owns a lot of the land and a lot of money.
  • They had Cathedral schools and most people that went to school are sons of the nobles. They taught them to write in lowercase.
  • We also have the few that can read and write, here one comes now.
  • The church hosts most of the fetivals some of them being feasts.
  • Finally I've found you! If we don't hurry we're going to be late to hosting the festival!
  • Oh we have to hurry and go, what is the festival for again?
  • The church hosts many festivals, for different reasons/things to do with religion. The savings of people only came to people who follow the church.
  • We host it once a year and we have to forgive people for their sins.
  • The priest and the people pray everyday at the church.
  • Do you follow the church?
  • Very well, come pray with me.
  • Father, would you please forgive me for my sins?
  • Yes.