Odyssey PT 2
Updated: 1/27/2021
Odyssey PT 2

Storyboard Text

  • The Unhealable Wound
  • I have wanted to go home forever now, always failing. I will never give up.
  • The Treasure
  • I just want a place where I belong.
  • The Transformation
  • Wait, maybe I should have more empathy, he was always nice to me.
  • After those beasts I'm almost home now.
  • The Other
  • Oh my Penelope, the wife that I have left for years, now that I'm home we can enjoy our time with one another.
  • I love Penelope and I will get her at any cost.
  • The Journey
  • I am Odysseus, and I return by bending the bow enough to string it.
  • I can't bend the bow, but he can and I hate him
  • The Return
  • Why would she move the bed, I built that bed myself.
  • I don't believe you for I have been fooled so many times
  • Oh, It is you then. The kingdom will rejoice.