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Gov Comp 2
Updated: 10/13/2020
Gov Comp 2
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  • The Constitution of the United states is separated into multiple topics.
  • The U.S CONSTITUTION1. The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution-Intro to the constitution, what its about.2. Articles of Confederation-Gives power to congress to manage foreign affairs, troops, and regulate currency3. The Bill of Rights-Ten amendments added to the constitution
  • Legislative BranchCongressSenateHouse of Representatives
  • The Government is structured into 3 different branches
  • President Can Veto Laws
  • Can impeach president
  • Declare laws unconstitutional
  • Can Impeach Judges
  • Declare president is acting unconstitutional
  • Judicial BranchSupreme CourtOther Federal Courts
  • Executive BranchPresidentVice PresidentCabinet
  • Can appoint judges and can pardon people
  • The electoral college decides who our president is going to be. There are voters for each state who's responsibility is to represent the people. There is a minimum of 3 voters per state. Some states are called Swing States and some are Republican or Democrat states. The Presidential debates decide who will be elected once either candidate reaches 270 electoral points. When people vote they vote for the state electors.
  • In the U.S there are many different parties as the U.S Uses the Two-Party System. Although its called the Two-Party System there are also third parties. There have been 6 major parties and 32 third parties in the U.S. Third parties can be classified as Single Issue Parties, Ideological Parties, and Splinter Parties. The current political Parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. The Third Parties are the Libertarian Party, Peace and Freedom Party, Socialist Party, and the American Independent Party.
  • ProsNot in the hands of uneducated votersAll states involved in votingGuarantees the certainty of the outcome, if based on popular votes they might not actually win with the popular votes.Without it people could campaign in heavily populated areas.
  • Pros and Cons of the Electoral College
  • ConsReason its was made are no longer relevant, its really easy to get infoToo much power to swing states, Only a few states to win electionIgnores will of people, 300 million are represented by 538 people
  • Reference1. Editors. “Constitution.”, A&E Television Networks, 27 Oct. 2009, Source: 2. “The Electoral College: Top 3 Pros and Cons.”, 2 Oct. 2020,
  • The impact of the electoral college on society today is very evident on many social media websites. Many people have mixed thoughts about the Electoral College, but in the end most people are displeased about the electoral colleges role in recent elections. It causes too much conflict and should most likely be changed into a more revised way of electing the president. Many people also feel that their votes do not matter and are discouraged to vote in their local elections and the presidential elections.
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