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Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The great Gasbywrote bye -f.scot fitzgerald chapter five page 87the scene of the night nick came home to gasbys house lit up
  • "your place looks like the worlds fair "page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • 1920,new york outside of gasby and nicks home like in the middle of there homes
  • Does it?’ ,... ‘I have been glancing into some of the rooms. Let’s go to Coney Is-land, old sport. In my car'.page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • "its to late "page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • ‘Well, suppose we take a plunge in the swimming pool? I haven’t made use of it all summer.’ page 87 page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • "i have got to to go bed".page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • "alright ".page 87 f.scott fitzgerald
  • gatsby waits and looks at nick with suppressed eagerness
  • "it talked to miss baker. im going to call up daisy tomorrow and invite her here for tea ".page 88 f.scott fitzgerald
  • "ohh thats all right i dont wanna put you in any trouble you see".page 88 f.scott fitzgeral