The Chronomatic Saves The Day!

Updated: 8/19/2021
The Chronomatic Saves The Day!

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! my name is chronomatic and i found out that I could freeze time at age 13!
  •  my hideout is right by the city, so if there's danger I'll be there!
  • The Chronomatic
  • Hmm that's weird everyone is starting to get sick!
  •  speaking of which why don't we take a look at the city?
  • Oh no! That kid is about to get hurt! I need to find the right vaccine for everything to go to normal! the lab had something to do with this and might have the right ingredients for the vaccine!
  • FREEZE! Okay, now that I've frozen time let's quickly get the vaccine!
  • -Arrives at the lab
  • The ingredients needed for the vaccine are one bottle of acid, two pints of lemon, and one pound of sugar.
  • I hope it works!
  • This has got to be the vaccine!
  • Yes! the vaccine had worked! Everything is back to normal and I saved the Day!