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Updated: 3/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Catherine married Henry in 1509 but she only has one child, a girl, Mary.
  • Catherine has a kid and it's a girl I don't want a girl. I NEED TO GET A DIVORE FROM HER.
  • I think I'm falling for Anne Boleyn but Catherine can't know.
  • I think we should get divorced it's for the best.
  • sooner or later he divorced Catherine in 1533 and she died three years later.
  • NO were not getting a divorced
  • Anne Boleyn was sent to the French Court and when she returned to England she caught the King's attention.
  • They got married in 1533 after she became pregnant.
  • Anne became pregnant twice more but the babies were born dead. She was charged and found guilty and adultery in 1536 and beheaded the same year
  • Henry was annoyed when she gave birth to Elizabeth in September 1533.
  • Jane Seymour was a quiet shy girl who Henry married just 11 days after the death of Anne Boleyn.
  • He was 45 years old, Jane was 28. Henry was delighted when she gave birth to a son, Edward, in October 1538.
  • Henry was very upset when Jane died a month later. On his deathbed, Henry requested to be burned next to Jane.