Not your average High-school story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Not your average High-school story

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  • Channel does not say hi to them in the hallway as often, ignores them, and never wants to make plans except with her other friends.
  • Since she does not show much attention to Mia and Diego they gave her some space.
  • When Channel approached them Friday after-school at the mall they were not that please to see her.
  • ¨ I do not think we should be friends anymore. Ever since you got those new friends of yours you seemed different. You never want to hangout or walk home with us. We´re happy for you but it feels like your pushing us out of the way.
  • Chanel was eager to go but they may not accept her apology. ¨ Uh hey guys I am sorry for what happened. That was never my intention to make you guys feel like that. It was fun making friends but they never cared about my feelings. I was wondering if we could be friends again.¨