Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • This is Ms. Wilder! She is an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and has just transferred here from New York. Everyone has been friendly so far, except one of her students' older brother. He has been giving her a hard time for a while.
  • This is Billy, Sam's older brother. He makes Ms. Wilder feel very uncomfortable. He has an aggressive tone and does not believe that she is a good teacher. When asked why, he responds with "her and her people are all bad." He is dangerous.
  • This is Mr. Roger. He leads the PositiveN'Secure program at their school. He is also the principal. Mr. Roger was recently made aware of the situation, not only because others have stood up for Ms. Wilder, but because she herself has filed a formal complaint against Billy with Mr. Roger.
  • Ms. Wilder does not want to caused a scene or raise any attention, but is relieved when Mr. Roger reaches out to her. She was glad that she filed a complaint before things got out of hand, and hoped that something would improve. She was not only worried for her own safety, but those around her as well, especially the children.
  • Mr. Roger reaches out to Billy's parents and explains the situation. He also says that because so many people feel threatened, making sure not to reveal Ms. Wilder's identity, Billy cannot be allowed on campus alone. He also makes sure that Ms. Wilder is safe and that she is comfortable as well. Billy's parents agree and apologize, because others get involved.
  • Sam is also happy because, although he is young, he understands that Ms. Wilder felt very uncomfortable. He didn't like his brother coming to the school and making everyone scared. Because of the program in place and it's policies, he knew that he had to stand up to the bully, even if it was his own brother! He did what he could, but was happy the adults got involved as well.
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