Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • All plants are made of cells!
  • All animals are made of cells!
  • Revolutionary invention! I will start selling this and make a fortune!
  • Zacharias Janssen was never a scientist and made the microscope because he makes lenses for a living.
  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoekdid not buy a microscopeand made his own. He then discovered bacteria for looking through his teeth.
  • Woah! Look at these particles by my teeth! I’ll call them... Animalcules!
  • To RobertHooke
  • Robert was contacted by Anton about the microscope. Robert proceeded to look at many things with it then found a group of particles which reminded him of cells where monks prayed. Hence the name: cells.
  • Look at theseparticles! I shallcall them cells!
  • From Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  • A few moments later, Matthias Schleiden & Theodore Schwann made the cell theory after Schwann contacted him for research with the use of a microscope.
  • All plants are made of cells!
  • Cell Theory!
  • All animals are made of cells!
  • Cells come from other cells!
  • Schleiden and Schwann argued about the making of cells until Rudolf Virchow stepped in to tell them that cells ARE made from other cells and Schwann was correct.
  • Free cell formation!!
  • Apparently, Virchow’s research of cells were stolen by Robert Remak that caused the both of them lots of conflict. The End!
  • You stole my work!!
  • I did not!!
  • All animals are made of cells!