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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • buck finaly adapts
  • spitz gets killed
  • buck becomes the leader
  • buck adapts to his new life when he sees curly get her face riped/killed because if he doesnt adapt he will go threw what curly did.
  • Bucks job
  • spitz dyes in a fight whith buck because spitz won buck to the rabit and killed it. So buck tookit to the final stages with spitz
  • dogs get jealouse
  • buc became the leader because the he was challenged by the leader of the pack so buck resondedbreakig his neckhe won every fight thats how he became the leadr.
  • Top dog survives
  • Bucks job is to lead the dogs behind him. He leads the dogs by going left or right or straight depens on what the charles says. when buck goes left or right the dogs follow.
  • Buck has bin the leader for a while now but one dog desides he wants to be the mane so he decides to attack buck. Well attacking buck didnt work because he lost the battle.
  • Everyone in the camp died except for buck because buck was hunting when they all died. All the dogs died because the cam was raided.
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