Unknown Story

Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • tara na, I can't wait na
  • for? oh for your surprise HAHA, of course let's go
  • are you ready?
  • let's go, para naman guminhawa pakiramdam mo kahit papano
  • let's stop here, let's gaze some fish here
  • awe, it's so nice here, you know what's my favorite place ha
  • hihi I knew it, I hope you feel better now
  • as you wish
  • But you’re not a fish either
  • They’re having so much fun huh
  • How would you know that? You’re not a fish.
  • Therefore, how would you know that I don’t know that they’re having fun?
  • hmm?
  • oh, I'm so sorry kung nag kasagutan tayo
  • I'll tell you something when we are going home, I figured it out that there is a moral story of it
  • I'm so sorry too, let's go home na
  • it's okay, I know you're stress and I understand you, let's go na
  • oh really? then it's good for us
  • the moral story of it was There is no absolute truth. Everything is a matter of perspective.
  • exactly!
  • The same things appear completely different depending on how you perceive them.