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Updated: 1/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Calypso's Island (stop 14)
  • I can give you immortality, save you from a long journey home, and I ma more beautiful than your wife.
  • You must let the man go!
  • The Land of the Cicones (stop 2)
  • The Island of the Lotus Eaters (stop 3)
  • Odysseus is drawn in by Calypso. She keeps him for seven years on the island. The first look we get is him crying like a baby because he just wants to go home. Eventually Athena pleads to Zeus to let Odysseus go home. Hermes comes down and tell Calypso it is time to let Odysseus go, and at a final attempt to make him stay, she offers him immortality, tells him his journey home with be extremely hard, and insults his wife.
  • Odysseus' men don't listen to him when they land on the Island of the Cicones. His men all get drunk and attacked the Cicones. As a punishment Zeus knocks them off course for nine days.
  • After drifting aimlessly for nine days, Odysseus and his men end up at another island. He sends a few of his men onto the island to see what it is all about. They end up not coming back because they had eaten the flowers which would have the same effect as pot. He had to carry his men back to the ship because they lost track of time and forgot where their destination was.