ss pt1
Updated: 1/9/2021
ss pt1

Storyboard Text

  • Before the 18th century, society was very underdeveloped and all work was negligent and hand-operated. Transportation was inefficient and walking was the best choice since stagecoaches were very expensive.
  • Farming was also difficult because there weren’t any machines to help. The farmers had to deal with back aches because they often overworked their bodies until...
  • The Scientific and Industrial Revolution took place, which was a period in modern history where there was an amazing rate in the development of technology. One contribution is better transportation systems due to the Steam Engine, and several steamboats and steam trains were created with railways such as the Stockton Darlington Railway.
  • Another contribution of the Scientific and Industrial revolution is the agricultural revolution. New discoveries in farming were made and farmers started using machines and tools to farm. Due to this food supply increased and the population expanded. Though the revolution had its positives, came with it were some issues.
  • Many children had to have dealt with pollution while dangerously working in factories due to child labor, and children who worked received little to no education.
  • I can’t keep working like this!
  • *cough cough*
  • The smoke is unbearable!
  • Thousands of people were affected daily by the air pollution caused by smoke from machines, transportations, and factories due to urbanization.
  • Please doctor, tell me what happened!
  • I am sorry to say that she died while suffering from pneumonia. Many of our patients are suffering from the same disease because of all of the air pollution.
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