Evelyn Brooks - SafeTrips Storyboard
Updated: 2/21/2021
Evelyn Brooks - SafeTrips Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Finally time to use up these vacation days!
  • Let's get this search started!
  • St. Lucia? Toronto? Hong Kong? Brasilia?So many options! But what are the...COVID precautions?
  • Evelyn Brooks is ready for a trip! Her vacation days are going to expire in the next few months and she's excited that she has the opportunity to travel for the first time post pandemic.
  • Wow, SafeTrips looks perfect. My Top 5 Trip Makers and Breakers? Covid Stats? Pandemic Protocols for local businesses? Trusted User Reviews? All in one place?
  • SafeTrips
  • Evelyn has a few vacation spots in mind. She knows that post pandemic travels still have a few restrictions, BUT is still very excited to start the planning process.
  • Looks like Panama has everything I'm looking for. Lots of places to SAFELY explore on my vacation.
  • Sadly, Evelyn starts to become overwhelmed because it's difficult to keep up with the very different pandemic protocols for the destinations she's interested in. She wants to have the freedom to SAFELY explore.
  • I'm ready to start packing for my first trip post pandemic!
  • As her search continues, Evelyn finds a new post pandemic travel app called SafeTrips. She's excited because it not only gives her easy access to activities that interest her, but also important statistics and local protocols for any travel destination she can think of.
  • Evelyn is able to narrow down her list of travel destinations and chooses to see the beautiful country of Panama based on trusted user reviews about the local attractions and strict adherence to safe pandemic protocols.
  • Evelyn creates a post pandemic friendly travel itinerary that she can trust, based on the great information she got from SafeTrips.