Updated: 4/8/2021

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  • Woah! What about cognitive and emotional development of the child.
  • Well, during pregnancy there isn’t much development other than physical. Around 28 weeks the fetus will develop their brain further. Cognitive and Emotional Development mainly start after birth.
  • You are pregnant! From 9 weeks to 40 weeks, your fetus will be developing different body parts and functions such as hearing, bones, organs, etc.
  • I’m 5 years old now and I’m going through childhood development.
  • My brain has developed to be able to count to ten! I’m very proud of myself for learning this.
  • I’m a BIG KID now, so I wanna do stuff by myself to show I can do it
  • Over the past five years my body grew and I recently learned how to jump, swing, and use silverware!
  • Additionally, my abstract though has improved quite well, as well as my cognitive empathy.
  • In my classes I’ve been learning about my physical development
  • And...I don’t like to brag, but I should be on the second moral stage of development like every other teen, but currently I have reached the third stage
  • I’ve been having growth spurts, menarches, and other sexual characteristics that are being developed.
  • As a teen, I’m main goal of development is to develop a sense of self and find what my role in society is.
  • However even though our brains are developed, we still improve our intelligence and our cognitive abilities won’t decline yet
  • And our meaning and purpose is found through our family. We both feel very accomplished in our lives, absolutely no regrets
  • Unfortunately, as adults, our physical capabilities aren’t as great as young adulthood.