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Book Report #4
Updated: 3/18/2020
Book Report #4
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  • Aurora's Report
  • Maleficent Trait #1
  • Maleficent #2
  • Aurora is a protagonist and has a major role. She has been in a castle for 16 years and was neglected by her parents.The world went extinct except for a few in the castle. Aurora’s parents were thrown into the dungeons and later Lady Astrid is murdered by Maleficent. Aurora figures out Maleficent is evil and escapes. Aurora meets Prince Phillip and they decided to travel to the good fairies house. On their way, they battle many demons sent by Maleficent. They finally reach the fairies and helps them defeat Maleficent. Aurora becomes Queen.
  • Maleficent Trait #3
  • Maleficent has a very devious personality. She kills lady Astrid so she can keep living and have powers in the dream world. " It wasn't enough. It's taking more and more blood from those idiot nobles to sustain me for fewer and fewer minutes..." pg.97
  • Maleficent Trait #4
  • Maleficent is also very proud of all she has done to evade death and have dominance in the dream world. " But unbeknownst to all of us, Maleficent tied her soul up in the curse. Had you actually died, your life force-and that of everyone else in the kingdom, to a lesser effect- would have transferred to her. Instead, when Phillip killed her, Maleficent's soul was still bound to you into your sleep. " pg.345
  • Event that Led to Change
  • Maleficent is heartless. She cursed a baby to die by her sixteenth birthday."To wit, Maleficent publicly cursed you to die on your sixteenth birthday." pg.345 This shows that Maleficent did not care that the baby who had nothing to do with what she was seeking revenge for.
  • She is also kind hearted. The little bit of Maleficent that is good was turned into a handmaiden (Lianna). Maleficent soon considered her as her friend. During the battle the handmaiden attacks the dragon helping Aurora in her battle. "She screeched in pain-a horrible sound that carried across the world. Standing under her, looking grim, was Lianna." pg.409
  • When Aurora and Lianna formed their friendship it changed Maleficent. It helped her open up and experience kindness from Aurora. Lianna said, "I learned that you can care for someone, and be cared for by someone. Even... if your'e not... created with that part of you, you can learn that. Maleficent could have learned that, too...but she never did. Things could have been so different." pg.430
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