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Updated: 5/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi I'm flower. This here is my partner, photosynthesis. He's more so a process, than an individual source.
  • My friends sun and water are what make photosynthesis do his thing
  • So basically, my dress (leaf), absorbs the suns light rays and waters droplets goes onto me and is absorbed by my heels (roots)
  • Introduction
  • I am absorbed by the plant to finish up photosynthesis. Too much of me in the air is bad, which is why you humans should be grateful for plants
  • I am added into the air to make better air quality
  • During photosynthesis, I inhale carbon dioxide from the air and burp out oxygen
  • Introducing individual sources
  • There are reasons as to why we need photosynthesis. First, its what makes me able to create my own food (sugar). Second, it makes me grow bigger and grow pedals. Lastly, its good for the air
  • Process explaination
  • Now this little butterfly is able to eat my pollen. I'd explain to you the whole pollen process, but that's a story for another time. Thanks for listening! Good Bye!!!
  • Results and products
  • Why photosynthesis?
  • Outro