Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • That apple just hit my head and I realized that is gravity! What goes up, must come down! This will impact the future to curious people like me and help them in stuff like science experiences and research!By the way, I am Isaac Newton
  • Hey Isaac! I think we could be friends, I am Robert Boyle and I invented Chemistry and have similar interests like you in science. Chemistry will impact the future and help people understand the world around them.
  • Wow! Can I be y'all's friends with y'all too? I am Marie Curie and I did tons of research on radioactivity and to me y'alls conversation sounds really interesting! My research on radioactivity will impact today's society curing disease and other important stuff.
  • All of y'all interests interest me! I am Louis Pasteur and I discovered vaccinations & pasteurization which is important & impactful to people's health
  • How does a new idea transform a society?A new idea can transform a society by giving a new perspective on how things work. What are the risks of accepting a new/different idea?The risks of accepting a new/different idea into society is the risk of the the idea not being a good method of thinking
  • How is the Scientific Revolution a change in both science and thought?It is scientific because science wise it makes perfect sense and thought because you have to be logical to figure it out correctly.In what ways was the Scientific Revolution a continuation of Renaissance thinking?It was a continuation of Renaissance thinking because it has to do with coming up with new and improved methods to describe things in the world.
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