MAking forces funny project
Updated: 2/2/2020
MAking forces funny project
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  • Gravity
  • Hey Sam I will bet you 100 dollars that the basketball will hit the ground before the tennis ball when you let go both of the balls at the same time.
  • I knew I wasn't going to win 100 dollars but I did know that they are going to land at the same time.
  • ahh it okay maybe next time!
  • Sliding Friction
  • Lets see how well this cars breaks are, while going down hill and how successful or unsuccessful this experiment with be.
  • Yeah that is a good idea.
  • Sliding Friction
  • I am letting the Car go in 3.. 2.. 1.. go!!
  • Once a car is out of control it is hard to stop.
  • At least know we that whenever you drive a car on ice downhill you need to use extra caution cause a car can get out of control really fast.
  • Yeah your right safety is #1.
  • This demonstrates how Gravity pulls down when force is let in the air. For example he let go both of the balls at the same time but because of gravity both of the balls will land at the same time.
  • Magnetism
  • Yes your right also a fridge is made out of magnets.
  • Ok we'll see who wins.
  • Wow I didn't know that but now I do, buy hey I still get to keep my hundred dollars.
  • Magnets can help us by holding things together on like papers on a refrigerators.
  • For this experiment Sam and Jack went to Minnesota to experiment Sliding fiction by testing a car and its ability to slip or not slip from ice going down hill.
  • Magnetism
  • No I lost I only got 4 papers
  • I got 5 ,Yes I won once again Im always a winner in these games.
  • This demonstrates how Sliding friction can be explained in our everyday life's, for example sliding friction can be occurred when you car slips on a hill due to ice and make it hard to control when in that situation.
  • Elastic
  • Wow the car is really out of control it is going to crash and it looks really dangerous.
  • This is scary!!
  • I am going to let you go in 3..2..1..
  • Yes I finally won after so many competitions.
  • Magnetism can be demonstrated as magnets that can be attract with other things like for example like a fridge that is made out of iron and a magnet they both are attracted a lot.
  • Alright
  • Hey you want to play a game, lets see how any pieces of paper you can hold on a magnet on a refrigerator.
  • Yeah sure winner gets 100 dollars
  • Magnetism can be caused by anything attracted like different metals and examples are like copper, nickel, and iron. When the Magnet is exposed to another metal they stick together.
  • OK maybe next time I will try to win .
  • Ok!!
  • This demonstrates elastic force by when the bungee cord finally reaches the ground changes the shape of the cord because its so far stretched down so it snaps back up.. So the farther the cord is stretched to the ground the greater the force is.
  • But if I don't scream then I win the money.
  • If you scream I win 100 dollars.
  • Yes you did!!
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