The story of a brave kitty

Updated: 9/15/2021
The story of a brave kitty

Storyboard Description

The final copy of the StoryboardThat project. Featuring a scared kitten who learns to be brave and a good owner.

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition/Introduction
  • Free
  • What are you doing out here all alone in the storm little kitty? The box says free, and I've been wanting a companion. I guess you're coming with me little guy!
  • Intro 2/Conflict
  • You're sooo soft and cuddly. I'm so glad I found you. You listen to me and care about me when no one else does.
  • This is the best!!! I have a human, food and shelter. The streets were so cold and lonely. Here I have everything I ever wanted. Only thing know is that this human won't let me sleep.
  • Are thoses tornado sirens?!?!?!
  • Main Conflict
  • WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!
  • OH NO!!!!! IT'S A TORNADO!!!! RUUUUNNNN!!!!!
  • One stormy day there was a little kitty in a box all alone. Thankfully, there was a caring and compassionate girl who stumbled upon the kitty. She had been lonely and sad her whole life and had always wanted someone to chat with.
  • Rising Action
  • I'm so scared! I'll never find my owner! I can't do anything, I'm just a little kitty!
  • What's that noise!?!
  • The girl was so happy to have a new companion. She had never had someone who would listen to her ramble about her life. In return, the kitty shared the same love for her owner. She never had someone who would feed her nor even cared. Suddenly, the tornado sirens started going off.
  • Climax/Falling Action
  • HISSS!!!!!
  • ROARRR!!
  • Startled, the both of them walked outside to see what was going on. To their surprise, there was a tornado coming their way. Both of them started running in different directions. Sadly they lost each other in all the commotion.
  • Resolution
  • Kitty?!?! I knew you would find me! I'll never lose you again kitty!
  • After the tornado, the kitty found herself in a big forest. She was stranded all alone. She felt weak and helpless like she did on the streets earlier that day. She thought to herself, "I'm just a kitty. I can't do anything.". So, she decided that all she could do was sit and wait for her owner. As she waited, she heard a noise in the distance. The kitten turned around slowly in fear. "Hello.", she meowed.
  • After the tornado
  • Hello!?!?
  • There was a deep low growl in the distance. It seemed to had come from a dark shadow that she had ignored previously. Then, before she could say or think anything else, the dark shadow launched straight at her. IT WAS A WOLF!!! The wolf barked in its loudest voice. The kitty hissed and made a mean, ugly face out of fear. The wolf whimpered softly and ran away. The kitten was surprised at what she managed to pull off. She thought, "Well, if I can scare a wolf, then I can find my owner.".
  • "wimpers"
  • Wow, if I can scare off a wolf I can do anything! I will, find my owner!
  • The kitty looked all over the city. Her owner was nowhere. Then, just as the kitty had given up, there she was. The girl was looking frantically in the streets, asking people if they had seen her kitty. The little kitten meowed as loud as she could. The girl turned around slowly, "Kitty?', she said. When the girl saw the kitten, she gave her a warm embrace and exclaimed, "I will never lose you again, little kitty!!" THE END!