Updated: 1/18/2021

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  • Shot : Medium shotAction: Bohlale sitting on a chair outside of her house, thinkingDialogue: (Bohlale): Oh my, the food crisis here is getting worse. I'm worried when the doctor diagnosed Abdalah as malnourished. What do I feed him..Camera movement: Static
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  • Shot : Medium shotAction: Bohlale standing up in shock as Abdalah suddenly cries from insideDialogue: (Bohlale): Oh! My son is up. I better fetch him.Camera movement: Static
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  • Shot : Medium shotAction: Bohlale come out with a sobbing AbdalahDialogue: (Abdalah): Mother, I am so hungry. When can I eat?(Bohlale): I'm sorry dear son. I will try my best to find food.Camera movement: Static
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  • Shot : Close upAction: Abdalah cries louder as he holds his grumbling stomach, Bohlale pick him up in her arms to console AbdalahVoice-over: Acute hunger crisis in under-developed countries like Africa is getting worse day by day.Camera movement: Static
  • Shot : BackshotAction: An African man kneeling in despair, looking at his failing cropsVoice-over: Factors that lead to food crisis are climate shock that disrupts agriculture system and impacting food production.Camera movement: Pedestal up
  • Shot : Close upAction: Bohlale explains the factors of hunger crisis to her son under the voice-overVoice-over: Political conflict and the recent COVID-19 further worsen the situation as food insecurity kept increasing thus impacting vulnerable indigenous communititesCamera movement: Static